About Us

Sue and Bill Storten of McKittycreek have been raising and showing Maine Coon Cats since 1987. We are located in Erie, Pa, which is in the Northwest corner of our beautiful state, and on the shores of Lake Erie. We show exclusively CFA (The Cat Fanciers Association) and are members of CFA’s Maine Coon Breed Council. CFA is the worlds largest Cat Registry. We are long time breeder members of MCBFA(Maine Coon Breeders Fancier’s Association).


GC, CP, NW Masteast Jonathan Edwards of McKittycreek, DM

Our Cattery has produced many Grand Champions and Regional Winners. Our cornerstone male, Masteast Jonathan Edwards of McKittycreek achieved a National Win in Premiership (the neuter class) at the ripe age of 10 years. Earlier on (as our Siring male) he was 2nd Best of Breed Nationally in 1992-93 show season and then went on to sire 27 Grand Champion offspring. We have built our Cattery around this amazing cat, and hope that you will enjoy looking at some of his offspring and relatives.

We would also like to share with you some of our views of raising kittens as well as give you a Tour of our Home and cattery.

Maine Coon Cats are very dog like, gentle and intelligent. We believe they should be raised with love and dignity in a family setting. Our male cat has an entire room to call his own, complete with windows, cat trees and toys. A screen door makes him feel included in the activities of the household. Since we only keep a small number of cats (we presently have seven; five girls, one boy and one rescue kitty, Fannie), our girls are free to run the entire house.

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Our kittens are ready for their new homes between 12-14 weeks. They will have had their kitten shots (our veterinarian gives all shots).  We only give commitments on kittens to hold them when a deposit has been received.

We have carefully selected our breeding cats not only for their beauty, size and temperaments, but also for their health. All of our cats have had their hearts scanned, DNA tested, and hips checked.

Please feel free to visit our cattery and these cats we love so much.