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GP McKittycreek Rosie Dreams Come True
Champion, Grand Premier
McKittycreek Rosie Dreams Come True, DM
lives with Fujiko in Japan

PR McKittycreek Hairy Potter
McKittycreek Hairy Potter

Grand Champion
McKittycreek Gilda Mona of Verismo
Distinguished Merit

Gilda is the mother of 3 CFA National Winners!

Grand Premier McKittycreek's Kataadin
lives in Utah with Bonnie

Grand Champion
McKittycreek Tess of Stormytown

Grand Champion
McKittycreek Josie of Coons'kin

Grand Premier Mckittycreek's Griffin
Griffin is a one-show Grand!

Grand Premier, Regional Winner
McKittycreek My Man Godfrey

Grand Champion
Mckittycreek T Rex of Stormytown

Grand Champion
McKittycreek Bolero of Macavity
Littermates of GC Tabbeyrd Morticia of Mckittycreek and GC, NW McKittycreek T Ruxpin of Shubacoons. We are soooo proud!! Bolero granded in Germany the same weekend Rex did here in Rochester, NY!

Grand Premier, Regional Winner McKittycreek Manchester of Coonskin
Grand Premier McKittycreek JW Riley of Coonskin

These two brothers granded, giving their mom Caliente her title of Distinguished Merit!!!

GC Shubacoons Emily of McKittycreek

Grand Champion
Shubacoons Emily of  McKittycreek, DM

Grand Champion
McKittycreek Annie Hall of Sharmani

CH Shubacoons Lilypad of McKittycreek
Shubacoons Lilypad of McKittycreek
Grand Champion Ger. Macavity T Bear of McKittycreek
Grand Champion
Ger.Macavity T Bear of McKittycreek

Grand Champion

Lives with Deana in Erie

Grand Premier McKittycreek Duncan
Owned by Deana in Erie

Grand Champion
Highlander Bella of McKittycreek
Grand Champion, Regional Winner
Hamptoncoons Jigsy of McKittycreek, DM

Grand Champion
Highlander Rufus of McKittycreek

Grand Champion, Regional Winner
McKittycreek Super Trooper

Grand Champion
Ger.Macivity of McKittycreek

Grand Champion, Divisional Winner
McKittycreek Medina 11 of Zikhafri 

GC Coco Chanel of McKittycreek

GC Cer.Macavity Galaxy of McKittycreek

CFA Grand Champion Woodswalk Warlordraven of McKittycreek
Champion  McKittycreek Bellini

CFA Grand Champion, RW McKittycreek Cosmo
CFA Grand Champion Suncoon Solara of McKittycreek

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