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We are pleased to present some of our gorgeous show cats...

GC, NW McKittycreek T. Ruxpin of Shubacoons
Grand Champion, National Winner McKittycreek T. Ruxpin of Shubacoons, DM
Teddy is CFA's 2003 Seventh Best All Breed Kitten
and Best Maine Coon Kitten

GC McKittycreek Brianna of Highlander

GC  Stormytown Kelly of  McKittycreek, DM
GC, RW  Shubacoons  Buster  of  McKittycreek

CH McKittycreek Caliente
McKittycreek Caliente, DM
GC McKittycreek Canela
Grand Champion
McKittycreek Canela

Grand Premier
McKittycreek Gomez
one-show Grand

Grand Premier
McKittycreek Clancey
one-show Grand

GC McKittycreek Firebug of Ger. Macavity
One show grand!
GC McKittycreek Popsicle of Shubacoons
Grand Champion
McKittycreek Popsicle of Shubacoons

GP McKittycreek Mingus
Grand Premier McKittycreek Mingus
Mingus is a one show Grand!
Grand Champion, National Winner
McKittycreek Shimmer of Highlander

GC Shubacoons Kenworth of McKittycreek
Grand Champion Shubacoons Kenworth of McKittycreek
One-Show Grand at 8 months
GP McKittycreek Murphy O'Donell
Grand Premier McKittycreek Murphy O'Connell
One-Show Grand owned by Valerie & Jim Boyle

Grand Champion
McKittycreek Lacey of The Cat Spa
Grand Premier
Captain Salty Claws

Grand Champion McKittycreek Simply Red
GC McKittycreek Simply Red
Grand Champion, Regional Winner Mckittycreek Georgio of Sharmani
GC, RW McKittycreek Georgio of Sharmani

Grand Champion
McKittycreek Turner of Stormytown
Grand Premier
McKittycreek Sole Luna

GC McKittycreek Calypso
Grand Champion
McKittycreek Calypso
GC McKittycreek Tip's Dottie
Grand Champion
McKittycreek Tip's Dottie

GP McKittycreek's Lil Charlie
Grand Premier
McKittcreek's Lil Charlie
owned by Olivia Storten
GC McKittycreek Aurora
Grand Champion McKittycreek Aurora
one show Grand!

GC Tabbeyrd Morticia of McKittycreek
Grand Champion
Tabbeyrd Morticia of McKittycreek
GC The Cat Spa Lucy of McKittycreek
Grand Champion
The Cat Spa Lucy of McKittycreek

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