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CFA Champion
McKittycreek Spiral Galaxy

DOB:  1/25/16

Sire:  GC Woodswalk Worlordraven of McKittycreek
Dam:  CH McKittycreek Bellini

Breeder:  Sue Storten

Heart Scanned 2/21/2017 - Clear

CFA Champion
McKittycreek Bellatrix

SIRE:   GC, RW McKittycreek Cosmo

DAM:   CH McKittycreek Spiral Galaxy

Brown Classic Tabby

Date of Birth:  3/29/17

Breeder:  Sue Storten

CFA Grand Champion
Okeepa  Andromeda

SIRE:   Ch Bordeauxcoon Wilson Pickett

DAM:   Valentina Sky Beyrouth of Okeepa

Silver Patch Tabby with White

Breeder:  Teri & Eric Spielman

Heart Scanned 2/21/2017 - Clear

Luna of McKittycreek

DOB:   4/17

Tortie with White

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